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Message Subject ITS A FRIKKEN Gas Stampede!! ITS...GASOGEDDON!! 5.79 NO WAIT, UP TO 6.21 a gallon!! with link.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
been there before, NO FUN.

It was when Katrina hit, and all the refineries that supplied us were offline.

I think it was Katrina, but, the dist. of our sector of the country was the only one hit it seemed.

We had a lot of price gouging, plastic bags on handles, fights in lines, cars running out of gas on the highway and streets..

It pretty much feels like TSHTF scenario.

We had to do car pools of who had any gas to get to work, etc. etc..

ANd this not too long ago, They got up to charging us 5 dollars a gallon and this years ago!!...

I feel ya, it's always good to have a little on hand and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep your car topped b/c you never know what could come down the ol shitter...
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