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Message Subject ITS A FRIKKEN Gas Stampede!! ITS...GASOGEDDON!! 5.79 NO WAIT, UP TO 6.21 a gallon!! with link.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've started to actually.. build my water to hydrogen ciruit control board using the 555 timer, inc: the slower hydrogen doughnut transformer. I'm paying up to £1.50 on a litre of diesel which is simply too expensive!
Once I know it's working ok, then I'd have to raise cash to pay a mechanic to ceramic coat the pistons & put in a stainless steel exhaust, but it'll be worth it.
Looking at an old cave painting photo I also sussed out how the ancients used magnetic mechanical force from a wheel skewed at 45 deg angles on each arm, so the arm once started.. actually.. chases itself & can apparently be kept going using cyonic sounds around a magnetic field.
The bastards rely on our money.. but we need to be Independent from them!
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