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Message Subject ITS A FRIKKEN Gas Stampede!! ITS...GASOGEDDON!! 5.79 NO WAIT, UP TO 6.21 a gallon!! with link.
Poster Handle ehecatl
Post Content
This happened in the '70's when there was another Weakass president
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15176280

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22116104

Perceived weakness in political leaders is what spurs on all kinds of turmoil for the masses. Something smells fishy about this going down the day after the weak debate. I think that everyone senses that there is more to this than what they say. FWIW the largest refinery in the US is owned by a Venezuelan based company.

All the people I spoke with "on the street" in central Mexico today suddenly suddenly seem have a GLP point of view towards Obama! Go figure. Must be that way on Mexican TV now.

Gas prices in Mexico remain at approx equal to $2.66usd per gallon last I heard but I have not purchased in 3 days. Gas prices are supposed to be equal at all Pemex stations throughout the republic.

Pemex are all full-service stations and will want to wash your windows, check the air on the tires, and the oil, for which it is customary to pay about $1usd tip.

If you don't know the culture and the language some in Mexico, if you are not familiar with how to deal with police for instance, it would not be worth it just for gas. But for those who understand how things work in Mexico, there should not much risk.
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