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Obama and 2016

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24985775
United States
10/04/2012 11:06 PM
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Obama and 2016
I think you are wrong in your predictions. I believe that you are trying to pull wool over American eyes with bull. Obama has done as fine a job as could be expected and will continue to help the US grow if given a chance. Make a move about BIDEN and let us know what he wished to do with the poor and elderly people. I might remind you that you are not getting any younger maybe richer but not younger this puts you in the elderly situation.

I believe that people want so much to know what others are doing all the time and when someone comes along that wishes to remain business like instead of telling all the people about when he/she was in grade school then others become angry and want to make things up; like you. I say leave 2016 to GOD and not you to make predictions that you do not need to stand behind. We as a whole (Americans) have got ourselves into this mess by being greedy and uncaring of those who have nothing; not our Presidents and it is time for us to help undue what we have done. Why don't you run if you know so much about how to fix things. Let Biden let all know who he is;;; what he has done;;; and what he really wants to do to our country.