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According to the democrats

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1456476
United States
10/04/2012 11:13 PM
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According to the democrats
According to democrats, blacks can't function in society. They need a short bus to go vote, they can't figure out how to get ID, Obama said himself that they need to be taught how to dress and speak in a work environment..... Basically they think they are retards. So what is it? If you treat them like everyone else, and that is treating them no more or less than you treat everyone else, your a racist. So we have to make it easy on them? Honestly? Maybe if they left them alone, stopped sending in Al Sarpton and Jesse "Extortionist" Jackson they could finally get ahead on their own. Personally, I think they are as capable as whites, hispanics, orientals... And I refuse to have anything to do with a party that has owned them and used them as political currency since the 60's and delivered NOTHING. White rich liberals, who feel bad for being born wealthy, use them to get ahead and them leave them in the dust. Conservatives leave them alone and expect them to behave and succeed just like they do everyone else, and they are the bad guys? If I was black and they were fighting against a voter ID law, like many states have had for decades without problems, I'd be so upset that I was being sold as too stupid to figure out how to get even the most basic of things like and ID, I would tell them to all eat dirt! How much is your soul worth? Not much, if all you have left is a ghetto, shootings, drugs, and a few hundred Obamabucks every month. Democrats, spending others money to make themselves look better to the same people that they leave in the trash.