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Civil forfeiture

Suzanne Meredith
User ID: 24985426
United States
10/04/2012 11:30 PM
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Civil forfeiture
03/13/12 2011Toyota Prius seized at work. bank accounts frozen ($110,000) plus Iras, Roll over retirements of mine and spouse

Accused of fraud (as civil service energy mgr proposed the hiring of a Resouce Efficiency Mgr) to enhance our multiple-year awarding winning energy program that has saved the gvt millions in utility costs and establishing renewable programs for us, our children and future generations. proposal was first compiled in 2004 and sent to supr, contract mgr and legal team. Again in 2005, 2006, 2007. Retired Aug. 2007. Notified Oct. 2007 that contract had been approved and awarded to local rural electric co-op. Applied; the LLC which I owned was hired and I began to provide professional consulting services along with other duties as requested. (Had asked for legal opinion prior to retirement and understood that I could work for a utility co as a subcontractor since I was not selling to our gvt and without time constraints)

05/04/10. Defense Criminal Investigative Service special agent (after showing up in my office in Mar and Apr at my home the eve of the 4thof May. Next day, with several other agents interrupted a meeting I was conducting seizing my files and computer.
REM contract was aborted in Oct. 2010. Legal counsel was sought. in meantime REM contract was re-written and awarded. I bid and was awarded the job in Feb 2011 until May 2012.

Find myself in a nightmare both legally and personally. Personally I have served my country, God and family by doing what I "knew was right". I would never and did never steal from my country. I served in our Vietnam conflict in '68-'69 and was honored to become a civil servant as an electrical eng with a deep interest in America's energy crisis.

Please guide me as to what I should do as the prosecutors are talking felony counts, prison time and more forfeitures!