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Message Subject Tweets from around the U.S. " long lines at gas stations right now!" Panic buying! Fights!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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For most of the US there is not a problem with gas availability. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty that gas will be available when needed. Friends have texted and called all last night to make sure I'd seen the news. Local TV stations are advising that motorists fill their tanks whenever they are below 1/4 and above 1/2 marks. Keeping the tank topped off as much as possible means you'll at least have nearly a full tank if you have to ride out a few days without gasoline.

Home Depot is selling a 10 gallon gasoline storage container on wheels with an optional pump unit for $129.95 plus another 70 or 80 for the pumping unit if you want it. Ten gallons is a bit unwieldy. You couldn't easily pour that into your tank if you wanted to. So the pumping unit is going to prove almost a necessity I think. The idea of a bunch of stupid people storing 10 gallons or more of gasoline in their garages scares me far more than the fuel shortage threat does!
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