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Message Subject Tweets from around the U.S. " long lines at gas stations right now!" Panic buying! Fights!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What's the minimum wage in Germany ? Probably 100 dollars an hour and they can hop on a bullet train and get to anywhere in Europe in 20 minutes and retire @40 & free health care & are allowed to drink as least a quart of beer on their lunch break. Free education 4 months of vacation a year. Meanwhile in California gasoline is so costly many are not going to work=net loss.
 Quoting: Black Diamond 20028740

Uuuhh...I assume your post was kinda ironic because it's so far from the truth. Here are some facts for you:

- We don't have a minimum wage in Germany. There are people that work for like 3 Euros/hour which is beyond ridiculous. An average worker might earn around 10 Euros/hour - before taxes

- It is true we do have so called bullet trains but they serve bigger cities only and in most cases you won't get anywhere far away within 20 mins. Plus a ride on such trains costs a shitload of money.

- Actually our retirement age is at 67 atm. It's very likely that people that are in their 30s right now will have to work until 70 or even longer.

- I don't know of any company that allows drinking alcohol during work (which includes lunch break) anymore

- It's true that basic education is free but if you want to study you'll have to pay a couple of hundred Euros per season depending on where you want to study.

- Most companies allow 30 days of vacation per year which amounts to like 1.5 months
 Quoting: Menosgada

so the boomer generation got all the good stuff and anyone born post 1984 is pretty much fucked ?


think you are fucked now > ?wait till the euroclowns have to pony up for euro militaries to keep boot on the middle east face without american help.

too keep hordes of economic refugees out from all over the world.

too keep capital both human and liquid from fleeing as well.

should be a good time , good time to have two huge moats between yourself and the rest of the vermin that is. god bless merica
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