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Message Subject Tweets from around the U.S. " long lines at gas stations right now!" Panic buying! Fights!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Every time someone in EU mentions that I have to ask this... What do you consider a long trip? I have to drive 60 miles round trip just to get groceries. Spaces and towns are a bit farther apart in the USA.
 Quoting: MaryAlananB

I know, it pisses me off when I read that too. Not only are things more spread out here, for the most part we DO NOT have much in the way of public transportation. In the area where I live unless you are going to a few specific towns, there is no train service. Bus service is awful and sparse. My husband's commute is 120 miles round trip. How many of you in EU have a commute like that?
 Quoting: INK3

well apes there is people in europe that live away from groceries and have to do 100 km round trip....but they are not that mental to go everyday, not even once a week...organize yourself, shop local, produce something and stfu

I doesn't even pass my mind to do even 30 km if not a couple of time a month
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25001069

The difference is that a hundred km roundtrip is still only something like 60 miles or so. People in europe tend to forget that their entire countries are only about the size of any given state. Where I live at here in N.C towns are normally 15 to 30 miles apart and cities can be a hundred miles apart. My daily trip to work is around 85 miles round trip, thats each day and thats if I only go to work and straight back home. Factor in a stop at a store and my total can easily top 100 miles or more a day. So when you tell me to shop local you failt to realize how far I live from any stores at all, fuckin smartass.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1634755

sorry if you bought a house in the middle of nowhere...if you had saved all the time and money spent trips you could surely became independent and not require such trips if not once in a couple of months. Or differently bought a house close to your needs
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