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Message Subject Mitt Romney Caught Cheating at the Debate? *Smooth Sleight of Hand Maneuvering*
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content
-It is kinda odd isnt it?
Personally I think both our "choices" are so sub par that I am writing in "Donald Duck" (seriously)but Damn, how can the Romney supporters not see how this is shady? its like if "their guy" does something its "okay".

-Look Romney stomped the everloving shit out of Obama during the debates and didn't seem to need those notes...But that really isnt the point here is it? It was still a shady move.

Why cant someone support a candidate and still admit when they do something wrong? Thats the fucking problem.

Libs defend everything Obama does (even War Mongering) and Conservatives defend everything Romney (or Ron Paul, or whoever) does.

Why cant we be honest and admit when "our guy" does wrong???

Fucking insane and disheartening to see this on GLP.
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