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Message Subject Mitt Romney Caught Cheating at the Debate? *Smooth Sleight of Hand Maneuvering*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
WOW GLP is sure biased these days... If OBAMA had anything that indicated cheating you guys would of been all over it like rabid hyenas. Yet since it's Romney you guys are playing it off as if it's nothing...

Truly a sad sad world we live in.
 Quoting: XSlyOneX

It is nothing. It's a piece of paper that says "Dad."

Tell me how you think a little piece of paper could have made Romney speak with such knowledge and have made obama such a dolt. Instead of worrying about why Romney sounded so good, try to think hard about why obama couldn't respond with any clarity to anything Romney said. obama's biggest response was to hide his head in shame. He might as well have walked off the stage.

He's never been challenged. He's all sizzle and no steak. Finally the emperor was challenged and the truth was revealed. He's a bigshot in front of his supporters (including MessNBC, CNN, etc.), but a loser when faced with an intelligent and well-informed man. You should have been embarrassed that the great United States would elect such an empty man.

The biggest surprise in all this is that he was able to fool people this long - and obviously still fooling some.
 Quoting: truthwillsetyoufreeagain

You really are brainwashed arent you???? And here I thought you were trolling.

Yes, Romney is going to really "fix" this nation that those evil Libs have destroyed. LOL.

I see you have not figured out this is all a game and illusion yet.
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