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Message Subject Mitt Romney Caught Cheating at the Debate? *Smooth Sleight of Hand Maneuvering*
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content
It was obvious to me that the O thought the fix was in with Lahrer; that when he gave him a certain look, Lehrer was suppose to cut Romney off midstream. It also appears to me that Romney saw this coming and THAT'S WHY he was so aggressive with Lehrer when the poor man tried to interrupt him.
If true to the O, it seemed he was receiving upper cuts, body blow after body blow and the sleeper hold on his ass without a friendly referee to blow his little whistle and THIS had him as upset with Lehrer (displaced anger) as he was with Romney for the massacre.
 Quoting: Top Hat

I think this as well. I think Obama was "assured" that he had the win and was very surprised when Romney went on the offensive and destroyed him and Lehrer didnt help at all.

Worst ass kicking in a debate I have ever seen but oddly neither said anything of substance.
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