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Message Subject Mitt Romney Caught Cheating at the Debate? *Smooth Sleight of Hand Maneuvering*
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content
If those are prepared debate notes, then Obama released his real birth certificate. See what I did there?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1459925

So this makes it okay???

Then Bush lied about WMDs so since he didnt show proof its okay Obama doesnt shoe his BC.

-See what I did there?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16778386

You're not talking to a republican here, so you will have to change your strategy when responding to me. Take off your glasses and you'll see not everything is red and blue.

You seem to have missed the point of my statement above so I will rephrase it. There were no debate notes - just like there was no real birth certificate.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1459925

LOL- I agree with you.

I do not support either nor do I see things as "red and blue". I call a spade a spade and if Romney had notes he cheated. period, with no excuse.

Thats all I am saying... There isnt an excuse of "because mr X did this its okay that Mr Y does that..."

I find the whole thing appaling honestly, both Obama and Romney AND Paul (yes Ron Paul as well...)

Its a joke. But if people cannot critizize their "side" when it wrong that is MORE of a problem IMHO.
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