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Message Subject Mitt Romney Caught Cheating at the Debate? *Smooth Sleight of Hand Maneuvering*
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
Here's him using the handkerchief during the debate.
[link to s3-ec.buzzfed.com]
 Quoting: MikeOxmaul

Apparently Obama supporters have never seen one before. They are totally mystified and seem to think it gives Romney some supernatural power over The Messiah rendering Obama totally dumbass.
 Quoting: Bluebird

Romney supporters are far more ignorant IMHO.

Anytime someone criticizes Romney they are a "Lib" or an
"Obama tard"-

Hmmmm- But Romney will save us. =/

Wake the fuck up- There is no choice here . Both are lying, cheating fucks who give two shits about us and bow to corporate greed. period.

Insulting one of the idiots does NOT mean you support the other Idiot.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

You will note that I did not call either of those things in that post so I am not sure why I received the honor of your reply. I said Obama supporters.

But now that you mention it, maybe I should have said EBT recepients instead.

No, it's not Romney supporters who are racking up of the free stuff. They don't call them Obamaphones for nothing.

And thoe people on line bragging about their Obamabenefits look pretty damned ignorant to me but then that's just me.

Further, if it were people who believed in Obama and his policies and that he could get the economy back on track, it would be one thing.

But I sincerely believe the majority of Obama supporters are either in that 47% leeching at least something off the government or worse yet, among his donors who receive all manner of tax funds under the guise of stimulus programs when they are nothing but robbing tax money to buy him votes.

They do become hysterical when something threatens their EBT cards!
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