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Message Subject Can anyone help? Doctors cannot help me..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My dad has nueroplasticity sorry, means his brain is basicallly rewiring itself. Usually happens after a brain injury but he has had no injury!

I know eating some meat might help, but I cnt bring myself to do it. Even since being very young I do not like meat, It just makes me gag when I try to chew! Fish is just the same, and the smell makes it worse. I do eat really well and use wholgrains, and try to avoid potato. I eat loads during the day, and we only shop at our local farm shop for groceries so everything is pretty fresh and locally grown.

Since I stopped eating processed foods my symptoms have lightened but the shaking and ringing in my ears is a daily occurence. Got some good info from you guys so I am going to make a few changes. I am also going to cumbria this evening for a few days and will try to be outside as much as possible, depending on the great british weather of course! :)
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