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Message Subject Can anyone help? Doctors cannot help me..
Poster Handle Bob
Post Content
Okay so some of you will probs say I am crazy or something similair but I am deadly serious just looking for some answers.

Okay so I have been going to the doctors for about 4 years with the same following symptoms and they are telling me there is nothing wrong, but i beg to differ on that one!

Full body vibrations, basically I start to twitch and it feels like my muscles are tensing and untensing really fast like i am vibrating.

Siezures during sleep.

Ringing in ears/sensitive to unusual sound frequencies (can hear tv's, lightbulbs etc

Pulsating in head and stomach.

Vision distortion, almost like a kaliedescope

Chronic fatigue

Period pain so bad it makes me vomit and shake for hours.

Sometimes cannot get words out and stutter for no reason.

Achey joints and muscles daily.

I am only 20 and this is really not right, I used to be full of energy and now I just feel like crap all the time, and the doctors cannot explain it to me.

I have been in for monitoring after a fit in my sleep scared my partner and have had numerous ecg, at first they thaught it was a form of epilepsy but then told me they didnt know what it was 'it must just be one of those things'
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14637990

Sounds like a salt imbalance sodium and potassium. get tested for Iron levels also or even cesium if you want to rule out fukushima fallout. Try to get to bed before 11pm also so you have adequate vit D absorption.
Also increase your chi by standing on the grass barefoot, raise hands and stretch up as you breath in, lower hands like your sliding them down an imaginary light pole (1 foot diameter)in front of you Do this 8 times. Then pretend you are shooting a bow and arrow to the right and then to the left 8 times and turn your head from looking in the direction of the arrow to the opposite direction and then back again. This really works for chi, my brother and his wife were taking a long time to conceive so I got them to do this and within a month they were with child. The most beautiful baby I have ever seen in fact.

love Bob (EDITED & reposted due to error in previous post)
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