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Message Subject Can anyone help? Doctors cannot help me..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe you're Gay.
 Quoting: GeordieLegend

This made me laugh out loud haha..

Seriously though OP, sounds like you can Astral Project easily if you learn how, and because of this you could be susceptible to Psi Vampire attacks. Burn sage before you sleep.

I have all your symptoms except the period pain, vision and vomiting... The hearing lightbulbs, TV frequencies are new to me in the past few years. Sometimes I can't sleep even if everything is off because I can still hear the electricity buzzing around. I know how annoying it is, your not alone hf
 Quoting: LDreamer100

Well, I didn't really want to name the other kind of demon, but here it is already popping up..the vampire demon. As they suck you vibrate, and they are supernatural so you don't see them, and no, they don't leave marks.
 Quoting: Who is Blue Fairy

Sorry lol this stuff is normal to me it just shoots out of my mouth and i think people will understand. I think I was fed on all my life until I realised what was happening, they give you nightmares then feed off the fear the nightmares cause. Not gonna lie they still get me but at least now I know whats happening.
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