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Message Subject Can anyone help? Doctors cannot help me..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can completely relate and have lyme disease and have those symptoms. Watch the movie on hulu on you tube Under Our Skin. I saw 15+ drs before I was diagnosed and travel 8 hrs to see my lyme dr.

Traditional drs will say you do not have lyme because in most cases the tested is very faulty especially if you have had it a long time as I did. I was bitten by a tick years ago and it laid dormant until I was in a car accident a couple of year ago. DO NOT DELAY...if it is lyme is will continue to progress and effect every system in your body.

I am now bedridden and in a wheeelchair at 41 years old because of it and getting a PICC line inserted on Tuesday to get IV antibiotics. I live in ATL GA and was dismissed because lyme was not common here....complete LIE. Lyme is EXTREMELY political and is a shame we have to be so sick and treated as if it is all in our heads. My lyme dr is absolutely wonderful and well worth the trip.

Trust your body and do NOT believe it is in your head!

I will be glad to answer any questions you have....I have been there! :-)

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