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Message Subject Can anyone help? Doctors cannot help me..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Suspect early Lyme disease in people with a history of a tick bite or possible exposure to ticks when they present with any of the following:

Neurological symptoms- occur in up to 10% of untreated people, and may present days to months after infection. People may present with one or more of the following:
Unilateral or bilateral facial nerve palsy (or, rarely, other cranial nerve involvement)
Radiculopathy (usually associated with pain and/or paresis)
Meningitis or (rarely) encephalomyelitis
Mononeuropathy multiplex involvement of multiple, anatomically unrelated nerves

Neurological disease - Late neurological Lyme disease can present as a slowly progressive central nervous system disorder (encephalomyelitis) or peripheral neuropathy.

Just some symptoms.. look it up...
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