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Message Subject BREAKING JERUSALEM - LIVE FEED: Israeli Forces Take Control of Dome-of-Rock / Temple Mount - Injuries Reported!
Poster Handle notgonna
Post Content
The sons of the devil who follow the tal mud are more than off balance, they are totally deluded.

Only Jesus himself can re build the third temple.

This only happens after rothchild's current day satanic Israel is totally destroyed. This can't be far away.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24868430

The third temple is not what everyone believes it to be...re-read Ezekiel chapter 37....this temple is a temple for the Nation of Israel to be gathered together in preperation of the return of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords who is the God of the Nation of Israel....

the House of Judah and the House of Israel will be joined together by a man...who has the power given to him by Christ to join the two sticks.....this temple is where they worship, God is There, is the name of this temple; because he is there...with his children all the tribes of Jacob will return to this temple...and the temple IS NOT IN JERUSALEM!...it was shown to Ezekiel as being on a high Mountain.....(Mountain in scripture means NATION)...Joseph is a high mountain........this is where this sanctuary will be built...not Jerusalem, BY THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL---NOT BY JUDAH---EZEKIEL WAS NOT SENT TO GIVE THE MESSAGE TO THE HOUSE OF JUDAH---HE WAS SENT TO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL ---JOSEPH.

The temple of Christ is himself...known as the BODY OF CHRIST.....HE IS OUR TEMPLE. the motar and brick 3rd temple is not the Temple of Christ, discussed in Rev. 22.

people need to get away from man's tales about the written word in the bible and ACTUALLY READ THE BIBLE AND UNDERSTAND IT FOR THEMSELVES........WHAT YOU HEAR FROM THE OLD TIMERS (I.E. MASONS) IS NOT THE TRUTH.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23975430

I'm down with what you're saying about the new temple especially in consideration if the fact the temple existed for sacrifice and connection - we don't need it anymore because we have Salvation and the I dwelling of the Holy Spirit...


You have to remember these specific prophecies are about what the Jews will do - not Christians. Their temple wasn't destroyed for some 40 ish years after Christ's ressurection. This is a literal building that will be constructed. And when it happens it should serve as a sign to all fence sitters to come to Jesus.

No pre-trib rapture folks. Be prepared to witness some awe some stuff when it all starts up in earnest...
 Quoting: notgonna

Broaden your mind a little more. It is the Jewish Moshiach who will build the final temple..

Christians have deep illiteracy and lack of education on Jewish beliefs..

Apollo - I agree Christians do not study enough OT, Jewish history, traditions, Feasts of the Lord etc... - this has been me for 90% of my Christian life and until recently did not truly consider or study it but now that I have it has been an eye opener. I fear I will not have even the surface covered before this all his the fan. I have been arrogant and inconsiderate to my detriment for I cannot possibly understand it all in the little time I feel we have left...

However, I would disagree with you on the issue of the Jewish Moshiach. There is only one Messiah. Whether it is His first, second or 50th coming is irrelevant - the is only 1 Jesus, Son of God, second person of the Trinity. I cannot broaden my mind past truth or else it becomes untruth - do you see?
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