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Message Subject BREAKING JERUSALEM - LIVE FEED: Israeli Forces Take Control of Dome-of-Rock / Temple Mount - Injuries Reported!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AI is clearly a disinfo agent.. and i'm shocked more intelligent people (more intelligent than I) that frequent this space and post at a much higher rate don't speak out and call a spade a spade.

Is AI some sort of sacred cow?

He clearly avoids points that discredit his shilled belief system and constantly discredits any belief that isn't his own.

He regularly recites disinfo from Zeitgeist, and speaks of it to be truth and fact, when, in reality, its easily dispelled and shown to be a clear and present attempt to nullify the Son of God and the great works He did for all of MANKIND.

From this point forward, I will not read any disinfo AI attempts to propagate and I suggest everybody else does the same. If you don't feed the shill eventually it will die and fade into oblivion.
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