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Pay attention… time for lessons at animal school

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10/05/2012 07:19 AM

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Pay attention… time for lessons at animal school
Back in meerkat academy, experienced adults provide their students with dead scorpions that have already had their stingers removed. This way, the young can learn how to remove the edible parts. Once they've mastered that lesson, the adults provide dead scorpions with stingers still intact. It is much easier for the juveniles to learn to remove stingers from dead scorpions than ones that are alive and squirming. Finally, the adults provide the juveniles with living, lethal scorpions.

I love the animal kingdom5a

[link to www.bbc.com]

Many years ago they discovered the reason for some bad acting elephants , they had been put in a area alone as teenagers and did not know how to behave.
Luke 21:33
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