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Message Subject Costa Rica set to ban hunting, a first in the Americas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Older Floyder
Post Content
There are more deer in North America now then when Columbus arrived...and they are healthy and not starving because we control their numbers...
 Quoting: BRIEF

Deer Management and other policies actually contribute to deer over-population through the cultivation of food plots and so forth. The states with the MOST hunters have the biggest over population problems. The reason for this is the almighty dollar. DNR is all about revenue. People don't realize that a lot of deer "management" actual entails precisely this type of "mismanagement" for the benefit of hunters. Hunters can then say they're culling the population, all the while the programs in place are keeping the deer numbers elevated for the hunt -- and all the while other predators are effectively eliminated from the ecological cycle. It's a big ruse, and people should educate themselves on this before they buy into the PR that hunting groups so cleverly spread around under the auspices of "conservation."
 Quoting: JennOfArc

You don't have a clue, come to Minnesota or Wisconsin and look at our corn and soybean fields, some of them stretch out of sight, do you suggest we put 12' fences around all these fields?

Wait till we start cutting the trees down to make all those corner-posts and mining the ore to make all that wire and fence-posts... duh!
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