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Message Subject Costa Rica set to ban hunting, a first in the Americas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Biochemky
Post Content
If implemented, would this new policy toward hunting in Costa Rica prevent property owners from being free to hunt game (should they so desire) on their own property?

If so, this policy is EXTREMELY dangerous to the civil liberties of all Costa Ricans.

This proposed policy change toward hunting in Costa Rica wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Costa Rica has no permanent standing army and, thus, depends on the U.S. to provide military protection for its citizens and the current political power in the U.S. is in bed with the U.N. to further restrict the rights of gun owners in the U.S. and Costa Rica assuming such a stance helps move that agenda forward, would it?

Wake up Costa Ricans. Isn't it possible that you and your government are actually essentially being held hostage in order to further a larger, more global agenda?
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