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Message Subject US Economy Adds Only 114K Jobs; Unemployment Now 7.8%... Total Employment 'Highest One-Month Jump In 29 years' & Right Before Election!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the part i REALLY love is where they found out that govt added 67,000 new jobs when it had been thought there were losses..I mean really they are not even trying to cover the lies, its almost like they sit around thinking " hey, how fucked up can we make these numbers and our base still buys it! " I mean lets think, after the debate there were about 25% on average in polls who thought Obama actually won...so Im guessing they could have said the unemployment rate dropped to 5% and those same people would say HELL YEA GO OBAMA!....all that matters now is what the last 5-10% of independents and undecided think, just PRAY they dont buy numbers like this or we r screwed!
 Quoting: Jaws

I don't think the Independents out of work, or worse yet, working two-three jobs will buy it..

Those that support OBummer are either on one of his entitlement program, or have so much money that they could care less..

The middle class, like myself, knows better.
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