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Message Subject US Economy Adds Only 114K Jobs; Unemployment Now 7.8%... Total Employment 'Highest One-Month Jump In 29 years' & Right Before Election!!
Poster Handle BrokenTrust
Post Content
The numbers they use = U3 is a crock of poop 7.8 doesn't really tell it like it is.

Even the REAL numbers in the U6 don't work either they don't keep track of people who stop looking for work, who are either disabled, living on foodstamps and other entitlements.

[link to www.bls.gov]

The real indicator is the labor participation rate which has been dropping steadily since 2008 from highs of 67% now down to 63%.

Although this number really isn't the lowest its been, which was around 58% from 1948-1966 then it started to move up until it plateaued in 1990.

[link to data.bls.gov]
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