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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle AwakenedDude
Post Content
The TRUTH can't be stopped man. Not by anything. We're on a cosmic collision course with the Universal Truth of ALL THAT IS.


Consciousness is not a fairy tale, it's a universal truth. It's what binds us all together.

If you can wrap your head around that (open your mind) you'll be in for a fantastic show.

Drop the ego, listen to the heart. All will be well as it was always intended to be. The game of US vs THEM is coming to a close. In fact, may I suggest that the reason for all the DOOM lately is that TPTB understand this full well and are merely tossing the chess board and all the pieces because they're sore losers. Game over, man. Game over.

I for one, hope to have front row seats to the greatest show that ever happened! I think we're all in for a helpin' heapin' of lovin'
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