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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle BANS
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Posted by via [link to webwarper.net,] created by AlgART: [link to algart.net]
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Whoever propagates this forum is horrible at the art of propaganda. After being here on and off for several years it's so easy to see through these horrible people who administer this forum. Theres really no hope at this point to wake the sleeping that are left here but Id like to use this moment to rub the noses in the administration saying you lost all the important souls you attempted to attract. These smelly souls that are left behind are yours and we take great joy in allowing them to attract to you LOL I shouldnt write this my ego is paining at every stroke but I felt so fooled at the beginning of my travel for truth and now that the new energy has filled me I see and I see you all so clear.
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