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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle AwakenedDude
Post Content

What do you mean by "ground". What does that mean practically?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14131966

Ok.. let's see how to explain this. In the past, and quite often with most people, we tend to reflect what we see. For example, when we feel someone's anger directed at us, we tend to reflect it straight back. This can be said of almost any energy. Another example is when you're walking down the street and someone says a genuine "hello" and smiles at you. We tend to smile back and say hello.

So... what I've learned is that I am no longer trapped in that game. Since waking up, I've started to take negative energy in, and give back only positive energy out.

When I use the term "ground" I a referring to what a lightning rod does. It takes the energy and sends it to the earth without harming people.

Does that help?
 Quoting: AwakenedDude

Also I got this in my email today and thought of you after reading your OP.


Of course, mechanical devices are no longer used, but it is a way for your
SELF to interface with your 3rd dimensional brain. In fact, if you desire,
you can give your 3rd dimensional brain the image of actually turning the
crank and reeling up the anchor, your physical self, along with Gaia and
everything that is beloved within your physical reality.

Please, take a moment to perceive ALL of the past, present, future and
parallel expressions of Gaia’s Earthly Being swimming around Her earthly
aura. Now, perceive ALL your past, present, future and parallel earthly
realities swimming around your aura.

Since you and Gaia are ONE, as you pull up your realities, you pull up
Gaia’s realities as well. Auspiciously, since you and Gaia are partners in
Ascension, as Gaia pulls her SELF into the higher realms, She takes you with

Perceive yourself within your 4th dimensional aura. Now, look into your 3rd
dimensional form and send it your love, as you say:

“Oh you have been so brave. I, your 4th dimensional aura, know more than
even your 5th dimensional self how you have suffered, how it has been so
difficult to carry your light though the long dark night and into the
dawning of a new world. I, your 4th dimensional expression of self, surround
and protect every cell of your earth vessel as I merge into you. I become
you. I become your thoughts. I become your emotions, and very important, I
become your perceptions.”


Cheers !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14131966

Sorry left some out... here is the rest.

Throughout many of your 3rd dimensional lives you have heard, seen, felt and
experienced the 3rd dimensional reality of polarity as your ONLY reality.
The physical world WAS your life. But now I, your 4th dimensional self, step
into every cell and every molecule, in preparation for your full download of
the Multidimensional Operating System. I, your 4th dimensional self, fully
interface with you so that I can assist you to hear, see, feel, touch and
experience the 4th dimension and beyond as your predominant experience of

Just as your 4th dimensional voice was once your silent voice, now your 3rd
dimensional voice will become, is becoming, is now, the distant voice that
you can almost hear, the vision through the corner of your eye, the
sensations that are leaving, the memories that were once real and the
illusions that once bound you.

All these third dimensional perceptions are becoming increasingly dim. As
these voices, visions, sensations, memories and illusions fade from your
awareness, you can better focus on the highest 4th dimensional Self, your I
AM Presence. It is in this manner that you can best prepare for your full
Ascension into your 5th dimension and beyond.

And as you stand upon the Threshold of another expression of your SELF,

See, hear, touch, feel the higher frequencies of light as it enters you…

YOU are now your aura. YOU are now that which was formally perceived as the
light around your body.

See an imaginary mirror before you to see your New Body…

YOU are now that light. You are now the ONE that is protecting the remnants
of your 3rd dimensional physicality by constantly transmuting that which is
ending because of the unconditional love and Violet Fire that YOU are
sending it.

YOU have now become ONE with Gaia’s Earth. YOU are alive within the planet
and the planet is alive within you! You share Gaia’s 4th dimensional
reality, and Gaia shares your 4th dimensional self. Both of you surround,
protect, transmute and love, that which was once bound by the illusions of
the 3rd dimension.

Personal and Planetary Ascension has BEGUN!

Blessings BE Our Dear Ascending ONES. You are coming Home.

Your Arcturian Family

Part 2 of 2.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14131966

That is like 10 kinds of awesome! There are many many many souls on this planet waking up to this truth. For some, it's been a smooth ride. For others, it's been a bumpy ride.

For me, it was a very bumpy ride. I pretty had to let go of ALL my previous beliefs and replace them with truth. It was very painful (emotionally) to peel back the layers, release the fear, and let in the light.

It was pretty muck akin to discovering that everything you thought you knew (were taught, told, or understood) was simply either a lie, or wrong.

I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. Once you wake up, you can't go back. And that's not a bad thing!
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