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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle AwakenedDude
Post Content
Hi Everyone
Being awake is so awesome....but, for years was very lonely.
I remember my first experience with "Waking Up"...
It was 2001, I was taking a shower. All of a sudden this wind or more like a rush of energy went thru me....like it just hit me , merged with me and went thru me...the feeling was so incredible, like pure love. It was from a source "Outside". That experience was the beginning of my transformation. I have followed this path since, and have gone thru the "Dark Night of the Soul"...man o man...
Finally, I have landed. I for the last few weeks have gotten glimpses of heaven on earth.
For the last 2 years i have gone from place to place, in the last few monthes I have been in New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho and have now landed in washington state, on the olympic pensula...I feel like I am a bird in the tippy top of the trees. I have turned all the dross in my life into gold. All of the relationships that have given me the blues for the last few years have been transformed and put in there rightful place. I feel free
In the last few weeks I have felt like i am floating above, no stress, no pressure, just love for everyone.

This is an awesome thread...thank you..for such positive thoughts and energy.....
 Quoting: peacegardener 24427927

That was an amazing story. Mine was a very long and twisty road, but suffice it say, I made it out of the darkness and into the light.

I now find myself in a very similar position to yours (in more ways than one) and feel peaceful and full of love/light. I do have times when I get caught up in negative energy, but I've learned to release it and return love.

Thank you so much for posting! Love and peace!
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