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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
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reading your words gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. wow THANK YOU
I am so excited to read this . for a while I have been feeling like WHAT IS MY PURPOSE. I am a mother of two extremely well rounded girls and a Partner to a wonderful man. BUT feel that there is something missing, I have never been so content with my life as as I now. BUT still feel as though something is missing. I always feel more comfortable when I am in NATURE. away from material things. I have had a few experiences that I would brush off. but the memory stuck with me. and have HAD A LOT of opportunity to REALLY F--K up in life and for some reason I AM PULLED AWAY from it. and LAND BACK ON MY feet.
I really have now Idea why I decided to respond to this. BUT right now I feel connected somehow.
I always trust this little inner voice ( theory that others talk about - but do not actually hear any voice ) it is an instinct of sorts I guess. and now it is pulling me. and I find that I am not scared and I feel a strange hunger for more.
PLEASE help me
The vibratory nature of our solar system is rapidly changing as it draws closer towards the completion of the 26,000-year minor cycle in the procession of the equinox in 2012. The density in the nucleus of every atom on the planet has slowly amplified to a higher frequency over the past 60 years. We are now, in 2012, approaching the end of the grand cycle and in the near future; Earth and our neighbours will spiral upward into a new dimension, regardless of humanity’s readiness to ascend.

Lets begin with an overview of your divine purpose:

You are a spiritual being, or a soul currently having a human experience. In the beginning, you were a fragment of the Creator/Infinite Consciousness that was broken off eons ago as a soul - as an individual unit of consciousness. You were given a simple mission – go away and experience all the different types of realities & existences known to the universe, learn and advance your knowledge & wisdom and eventually you can return home to rejoin the Creator, after having a complete understanding of “all that is”. To do this, you must evolve through a number of dimensions, which are different realities where you can learn and experience yourself in different physical forms. Presently, you are experiencing the 3rd dimension as a human being for your spiritual growth on Earth. However, you have been reincarnating on this planet for thousands of years and selected a wide variety of different life’s to advance your consciousness, by experiencing the 3D spiritual lesson of “Duality,” where you have emotionally experienced and explored the highs and lows of every different aspect as a human being. After each physical death on Earth, you returned home to the spirit world and begun planning your next incarnation. For many of you, your soul or consciousness has now finished experiencing duality in the 3rd dimension – you have nothing else to learn. Life is not defined by physical death, your soul is immortal, incarnations have been all about the spiritual advancement of your consciousness, and now it is time for you to decide to take the next evolutionary step and ascend to the 4th dimension. Spiritual ascension refers to “your conscious decision to evolve as a spiritual being and progress to the next dimension to experience a new reality that operates under a different spiritual law to continue your spiritual growth.”

[link to ascension2012.in]
 Quoting: The Bulgarian

Dude, 100% agreed. It's heavy though. Very deep. It took me a LONG time to get where you are. Perhaps we could lower the learning curve a bit and start with this, which will eventually lead to what you just said.

You DO NOT have a soul. You ARE a soul. Your SOUL has a BODY.

Let the discussion begin!
 Quoting: AwakenedDude

 Quoting: BEAUTIFUL LIFE 24046300

Well you apparently came to the right place. And I am absolutely, 100% convinced that I and everyone resonating with this thread are here for a specific reason.

I suspect that we are (as mentioned by other posters) here to lead the way in some manner. Seems like every day I get a little closer to understanding and I'm sure that is the way it's meant to be.

Perhaps too much downloaded data would explode our brains? LOL! We'll have to wait for input from the Universal IT folks to clarify that for us.

One thing is for sure, this mic is plugged in and we're giving a big shout-out to the Universe.


Peace and love!
 Quoting: AwakenedDude
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