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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Ether
Post Content
Early 40s male here. Since I was a young man, I, too have felt a certain 'pull'...almost not of this world...or time.

I've walked away from several events in my life that others said I should have died in...not a scratch...bruise...nothing. Some of my friends refer to me as the Immortal...lol

I don't know why I've been this lucky, considering my life is just a series of misery as of late...feeling disconnected from the world...from society. I can no longer 'relate' to folks like I used to. Yet here I am...seemingly 'waiting' for something....no idea what....I just 'sense' something in the offing.

Part of me has considered the possibility that I've lived countless lives throughout time...and this is my last trip on the merry-go-round...like I"m preparing to move...on.

Thank you for the thread, OP.
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