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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Say "I am you"
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I so resonate with this discussion. I have practiced hatha yoga and pranayama (extension of the life force-breath) for 16 years. I have for the last two years been experiencing some extreme kundalini rising symptoms (hearing the hu sound, seeing dimensional "layers" and several OOBE and astral projections) and did go through a few months of the dark night of the soul (dreaded shadow people!). It involved very surreal, nightmarish experiences I have never experienced before in my peaceful, tree hugger, positive and spiritual life. This was after I started meeting truthers and learning about the hidden histories we have been duped about for so long. I was waking up! Have had lucid dreams that become real all my life, and the synchronicities are speeding up to where I am no longer surprised by the accuracies and and amount of them. I have a few friends online I share info and experiences with as they are preparing for the wave of love also, but I feel isolated and so misunderstood by all my friends and family in my immediate life. My husband will listen to a little of my spiritual "interests" but seems to get freaked out by this and by "real" world news. He does talk about synchronicities he has been having this year. I do feel we, the awakened ones, are heading somewhere, a real destination in dimensional time and space. We are where we are supposed to be at any given moment in time, and like a few movies I've watched it will all come together eventually, with each of us playing the role we have been preordained to handle. I am excited to one day meet some of the most beautiful souls I could ever imagine having known, face to face, in a new and lighter, cosmic dimension. Some of us may have already met in our dreams, as a foreshadowing of events yet to exist. I do not even try to convince anyone to join me anymore, as I have come to realize each must awaken to their own reality when it is their time. I share health and natural healing info more than anything else. The biggest message is love, love all, respect all nature and forgive each other and our own selves for making mistakes of the past. Live for now, tomorrow is not a given, but always have hope for tomorrow.
Reporting for duty-best thread ever!!!

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