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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Renaissance Woman
Post Content
We are removing the illusions of scarcity, lack and limitation. Trusting God is no longer a slogan or feel-good buzz phrase. It is becoming a daily reality for more and more of us. We are realizing that there is nothing we need in the world of illusion. Our reality is unconditional love. Our reality is the limitless abundance of the Universe.

We welcome with gratitude the lessons of Earthly experience. We see all "petty tyrants" as our greatest teachers, for they show us where we have not yet come fully into alignment with our God Presence. We forgive and bless our so-called "enemies", knowing they are but aspects of our greater Self.
We open to embrace the new opportunities coming our way. We say "Yes" to a life of ecstacy and joy.
We remember who we are. We celebrate who we are. We look forward to fulfilling our part in the Divine Plan. We know everything is evolving in perfection. Everything is in Divine Timing. For this we say, Amen. It is so and so it is!
 Quoting: The Bulgarian

Wow, these bits are really happening BIG for me right now. Amazing to see this spelled out. Thank you!

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