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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I should have qualified my original entry with:

1) If you have seen weird UFO's
2) If you have noticed a great number of earthquake activity
3) If you have noticed the crazy WWW3 posturing
4) If you believe in any 2012 prophecies (or suspect some relevance)
5) If you have been experiencing "strange", unexplained physical / emotional symptoms
6) If you feel you might just be going insane.

You just MIGHT actually just be waking up to the fact that your actually waking up.


You'll have to actually take a few minutes to watch the pretty video, read the words, and actually interpret / discern the message contained within.

This will, of course interrupt your FOX/CNN/[insert mind control MSM here] brainwashing. That is of course, the desired outcome.

Of course, if this video still doesn't resonate with you, then of course, feel free to go back to your 3d coma. See you on the flip side.

Oh, and one last thing. Don't shoot the messenger. If you feel somehow that this doesn't apply to you, simply move on. No need to hate.

That is all.
 Quoting: AwakenedDude

Here are the dreams from last night, (and this is heavy):

I am in the mountains, up on a dirt road with another woman.

parked cars. suddenly i hear devlin's voice in my head, 'we have to go, we have to get out of here now, NOW, we have to go...' (the CALL?) very urgent.

The woman on the road also hears a voice in her head. We both rush down to the house, everyone is sleeping, I get Devlin and try to wake everyone else up but no one believes me, they think i am crazy, and i know there IS NO TIME TO WAKE THEM UP and convince them.

Me devlin and the woman leave, head up the road to her car, but she injures her foot and wants to find water to wash it first. we follow the road through a field of hay, people gathering hay, we have to step around and i get my legs all muddy.

The view is stunning up on the mountains. we go further up the road and find a a gully, i go to the creek in the gully to wash off the mud and look up the gully...it is dark, shadowy, and i can see a red light glinting off the water further up. i know it is a warning, she says it's probably a 'weather balloon,' i know it isn't.

So I say we have to get away from the water...the woman insists she has to wash her foot, i say forget the foot, we have to get away from the gully...then the water starts to come, a flash flood, I am climbing up a muddy slippery slope away from the water and look back...shock...the water is flooding massively, a huge chunk of land with trees still standing in it has broken off and goes washing by.

It is dark, I see this as silhouettes. there is a rope to pull us up along this muddy incline, but it is slippery. I am having a lot of trouble getting out of the gully. I am panicking...at this point I raise my leg up to try and take a step and wake up with a reflex action, kneeing my sweetie.

I get up, freaked, go outside for a minute, come back to bed and ask if he remembered his dream just then. he doesn't remember his dreams, but last night he said, 'it was about the end.' and tells me he dreamed it was like he was a part of the whole thing, one with it, and it was a massive cataclysm of natural forces. we share and discuss, then he says when i woke him up and left the room he knew i had had a similar dream...how weird is that, people?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24921726

Just a few questions?

Are you a woman?

Who is Devlin?

How old was "the Woman"

Do you think this was literal or symbolic?

Water in dreams often is about emotions--do you perceive you made it out of the gully?
 Quoting: stillhere

hi, 'stillhere.' :)

i did a lot of processing on this yesterday. i have been a very vivid and clear dreamer my whole life, i have specific dream symbols that have evolved over the decades (for example, emotions are always the ocean, tsunamis, bodies of water, usually with animal guides involved) and this was not a part of them...this dream was entirely different. it was a very clear message about there not being time to wake up the sleepers, getting the voice in my head and the woman also hearing it but no one else getting it was clearly about 'the call' and awareness, being awake.

there are many types of dreams. two things: i clearly recognise the 'difference' of this dream as opposed to other types i have. secondly, my sweetie does not ever remember his dreams...but he woke up at the same time i did, knew i had dreamed the end, and had JUST woken up from dreaming the end as well, in his way (in my dream i had fear, because i am a mother, and the voice i heard was my son telling me it was time and we had to get out immediately. of course his protection and future is my first concern). when i came back inside, we had not spoken, i asked him if he had dreamed and he shared what he did with me. this is enough validation for me to know a message was sent. i went back outside and saw a meteor, too...;)

dreams are spirit's way of speaking to us...spirit speaks in pictures (i am also a trained psychic, so i understand these dynamics). clearly, the dream was symbolic...even my precognitive dreams come in symbols...that is the nature of dreams, metaphor, it is up to us to know ourselves well enough to be able to clearly read our own dreams (i do not like dream dictionaries or getting interpretation from others). i resolve EVERYTHING in my life through dream work, and i move through things VERY quickly as a result. i think of them as messages from my higher self.

i have always felt that we become stronger spiritually by learning to trust ourselves, not give our power away to others by looking for answers outside ourself, understanding someone else's truth is not our own, regardless of similarities and resonance...some truths are indeed universal, but we must each discover and experience them as our own truths. the simpler we keep things the clearer they become.

this dream simplified everything for me. :) it feels really good. i never take any dream as being negative or bad, the hard ones are always there to teach me something, i learned long ago to work with the lessons inside and outside of the dreams, in dreams following them through the bad to get to the lesson's teaching.

for example, years ago i dreamed for three nights straight that i was being chased...through all kinds of environments, by individuals or groups...on the third night, i was trapped in an alley with huge brick walls around and no outlet. i finally turned and faced my pursuer, and asked: WHAT DO YOU WANT? he replied, I ONLY WANT TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU. after that i did not have any 'nightmares.' all dreams, good or challenging, are always for the highest good, and i recognise that.

anyway..../rant...:P i'm not going to answer specific questions about the dream because i have already understood it.
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