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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It's ignorance. hf

Ignorance is the essence of evil, but all that really is, is the lack of proper knowledge.

It's everyones' and no ones' fault.

All that's left for you to do is to forgive and release.


If you learned to control your mind you could avoid anger and increase happiness. Look to your own thoughts and start there. If you have free will you have the ability to transform your thoughts and emotions and guess what, when you do that for some reason other people treat you better. :)
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I won't post again in this thread cuz it will hijack it but,

I am screwed then.

If what you say is true then I have no chance. The thoughts that i have are as follows:

Monsanto poisoned me.

Government lied and stole from me.

Politicians lied and belittled me.

The Bankers stole my wealth.

Everyone who was ever supposed to help me instead told me to just basically forgive all these things that were done to me.

How can i let go. I can't. My moral compass says this is wrong. This world is wrong.

I continue here, please come over (as to not hijack) and throw me a couple of more thoughts.

Thread: fed up with the current BS
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5859380

Here is a good exercise. It's called "emotional healing".

This activity involves healing the SACRAL PLEXUS CHAKRA. Before you begin this activity, please revisit the information titled “Chakras and Emotional Healing.” You need to repolarise the negative energy in this chakra with positive energy (unconditional love). You need to clear away emotional wounds, including old grudges that you still holding onto against people and the people you caused pain and grief. Karma is easy to identify. Think about someone that was previously in your life, and ask yourself this question – what feelings do I still have about XYZ?

Negative feelings are karma, which can only be healed by forgiveness. You must be willing to release your prejudices and heal your emotional wounds by undertaking “Karmic Cord Cutting.”

1. Please do not undertake this exercise when you are tired, fatigued or exhausted,
2. To heal emotionally, you must be prepared to forgive and release bad & painful memories,
3. You will need to do a little soul searching before starting this activity. Use your ascension journal to create a list that identifies the following:

• The people you physically and verbally harmed or hurt (alive and deceased)
• The people who physically and verbally harmed you (present and past)
• Any bad childhood memories, traumas, events, misgivings, disagreements, grudges, resentment, and
bitterness that you experienced with family members eg: parents, siblings, etc
• Any unfinished business with individuals that you have not yet apologised too?

4. Now you will need to use the following script for each person, event, and situation,
5. You must have a genuine and heart felt desire to release karmic or emotional energy from your mind & body,
6. To begin, sit yourself in a quite place and relax. Close your eyes for a moment and relax your breathing,
7. Now visualise the person in your mind or pretend they are sitting in front of you and make the following declaration (feel free to modify the script):

I call upon Archangel Michael and my Spiritual Guide, to assist me today with the release of karmic energy from my body.
I wish to forgive and apologise to [insert name] for any pain and suffering that I caused them, when I did [insert event/situation or whatever you want to release or resolve] and, I wish to say thank you to [insert name] for coming into my life and I wish them all the best with their future.
I now call upon Archangel Michael to remove this karmic cord from my body (now visualise and feel this energy being released from your heart chakra and your mind)
Thank you for your assistance

8. Follow the above steps for each person that you have listed or repeat the above steps when you need to release additional karmic cords between you and that person,
9. You must release only three (3) people in each session before starting the next session, because you need to allow a few days for the body to adjust and energetically heal after releasing this emotional energy.

This activity will eliminate the ethereal cords connected to other people. As you continue to heal the sacral plexus, your may notice your relationships with friends and family will begin to change, because you no longer want to accept or get involved with their emotional dramas, thus you are taking steps to prevent creating new cords.

How often:
This is a very emotive exercise and only requires you to have the willpower and inner strength to keep working on your emotional clearing during the ascension process.
 Quoting: The Bulgarian

thank you, printed and saved. will have to try someday, can't get there now, too angry.
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