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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Post Content
WOW > WOW> NICELY PUT, and I DO FEEL CONNECTED HERE> I canot seem to pull myself away for too long. I keep coming back. THANK YOU OP for the Thread, and THANK YOU COMMUNICATIONS RELAY.. GREAT POST
Time for another input I feel:

Firstly, to those of you who may be feeling too much anger to experience what we're on about. It looks like some of us have tried the softly softly approach and its not getting through. This is fine, but it may require you to think about the following (its meant nicely, but coded in a certain way)...

"Listen crewman, you've got a fucking job to do. Stop whining on about the situation you were parachuted into, you're there because you're the best one for the job. You do not need an airlift, because you're not going to retreat, you are going to stand firm and fight for what you know is right. If you weren't needed to fix the problem or didn't want to, then you wouldn't be here. End of! If you don't like what you see, then do your job and change it. Gees, you're a highly trained specialist, so do what you were trained to do, take the anger, turn it into love and let rip. An equal and opposite reaction will cancel the prevailing energy wave. Oh and put down the fucking gun, what are you a fucking savage? No, you're a powerful, omni-dimensional being, who is loved by the source of everything, now fucking act like it!"

If we're in the same unit then there are two things you need to remember: 1) No one gets a free ride. 2) No one gets left behind.

Finally a few technical and command updates for you:

There's a 4d briefing coming up, you're welcome to join, but don't worry if you can't make it, as we'll be updating files for you to access as and when you need them.

Remember, its a quantum light operating system and you can program it by thought repetition. Essentially if you have one prevailing negative thought, then you need to consciously counteract it with your preferred outcome, this will tilt the balance of the whole system in your favour, provided that your request doesn't conflict with the nature of our environment (which is love). Also bear in mind that because its quantum, your outcome can often happen before you've even thought of it, so always check the past, as well as the future (you do need to think of it though, otherwise you won't recognise it).

3d existence to be destroyed? No, that's not how it works. You don't remove your foundations, just because you've built the first floor. 1d, 2d and 3d will always exist, even if you're not paying attention to them at a given point. Nothing is destroyed, only changed and the default of change is evolution, not revolution. So if you're seeing things as always repeating, then change your angle slightly and the circle becomes a spiral (the same applies to those just seeing the ups and downs of the wave) point of view is what its about and yours is always unique to you (its what makes you special).

Yesterday I was a 'Universal Technician'
Today I'm a 'Communications Relay'... apparently!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10610614

Wow! Much needed man...

Message received and recalibrating thoughts as I write this. Returning to instruction manual to clear out some faulty thinking.

Looking forward to 4D briefing. Needing some further instructions.

Dude out.
 Quoting: AwakenedDude
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