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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Ok, i'm getting a few empathic requests to elaborate on 3d to 4d communication protocols. So here goes:

Horizontal connections will allow you access to the 'telepathic' 3d network (here, now, future and past). Be aware that more often than not you are interfacing with other souls operating in human form, so be prepared for stray thoughts to clutter the line. Also, we all experience negative thoughts and every-day living on earth stuff, which we need to deal with, so often the line will get disconnected for this reason; so just try again later. Also, try to compress your communications like you would a text message (thought packet), then allow time for a reply, pushing will only get you blocked by that person for flooding them.

Vertical communication will get you up to the 4d network. The responses here are faster and more dense, so they take time for a 3d system to process. They tend to be more like an holistic impression, rather than a linear thought stream. I find that visualising a mental 'holo-deck' where anything could happen in safety, helps to allow the concepts and/or those you're interacting with to be visualised, aiding both interpretation and expression of the overall concepts being 'discussed'. Dreams also do this on a sub-conscious level for everyone, keeping them in the loop even if they haven't consciously developed specific skills (some just don't have it as part of their mission parameters).

All systems are connected. We are actively 'back-hacking' alien control mechanisms (I deliberately mean 'alien' in its negative connotation). There is a lot of concern over this, especially because of loosh generating algorithms. Usually these are merely 'restored' to a state which is compatible with the 'love' architecture of our environment. However if they are too stubborn to re-re-purpose, then they are neutralised by an inverse wave. This should not be attempted on your own! If you encounter something 4d which is too negative for you to deal with in the normal course of your duties, then you should do the following:

1) Raise shields (yeah i'm a geek) - This is essentially a consciously reinforced aura - By identifying the threat and deciding that an energetic field will block it... it will... But practice/repetition is necessary.

2) Send a virus report - either 3d or 4d communication protocols will work, as will an omni-directional thought burst (although the latter is like setting of an air raid siren as opposed to picking up the phone and should be used with restraint).

The time is irreverent, and the war has already been won, but the battle is just beginning. Play your part and know others will have played theirs. Its building, because it has already been built, sometime, some place, it simply is.

Yesterday I was a 'Universal Technician'
Today I'm a 'Communications Relay'... apparently!
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