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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the guy who said he could end a virus, well I hoped it was true because I sometimes have no hope and just to see someone say somthing like that sparked hope. dashed
 Quoting: WindyMind

I've already initiated a heuristics scan and posted a guard (he will not interfere with you or your interaction with the threat, this is your free will. But he will react to uninvited incidences and support you when you ask him to).

A little more detail would help me to target better? General impressions of the threat or patterns of behaviour would do.

Have patience, the system is quantum, so time is kind of irrelevant and i've been having my dinner :)

Before I was a 'Universal Technician'
Yesterday I was a 'Communications Relay'
Today I'm a 'Maintenance Engineer'... apparently!
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