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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
4d briefing (ongoing) - notes part 1:

Please bear in mind, this is only my 3d interpretation of a 4d concept.

Loosh - the practice of inducing discordant energy in a 3d life-form, which is then expelled because of its negative pattern, for the purpose of sustaining another entity.

Method 1 (seeding) - Societal constructs which build upon emotional and cognitive dissonance (e.g. going to war to attain peace, usury, forced servitude, bigotry or killing a killer)

Method 2 (growing) - Subconscious person to person energy transfer (e.g. drawing positive energy from another or displacing negativity onto them, without their consent, through emotional manipulation).

Method 3 (harvesting) - Causing a large release of negative energy from one person or smaller releases from a large group (e.g. war, poverty, illness, hunger or suppressed spiritual development).

Resolution 1 - Boiling the water (e.g. distilling from what is, only that which is necessary for mutual needs).

Resolution 2 - Filter and ground (e.g. identifying incoming negative energy and grounding it to a 2d environment - downwards to be recycled, rather than in or upwards to be manifested).

Resolution 3 - Sour the milk (e.g. turning loathing into loving, acknowledging the negative energy, thanking its source for your development and releasing only this outcome - gratitude).

Core system principal - Karma (de-restricted on a personal level)

***End of part 1***

I love making real coffee... none of that instant crap for me :)

Evil doesn't give a shit... if you do... then you're not!

Thank everyone, the good will love your for it and the bad, well it just pisses them off.

Before I was a 'Universal Technician & Communications Relay'
Yesterday I was a 'Maintenance Engineer'
Today I'm 'Network Security'... apparently!
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