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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle AwakenedDude
Post Content
4d briefing (ongoing) - notes part 1:

Please bear in mind, this is only my 3d interpretation of a 4d concept.

Loosh - the practice of inducing discordant energy in a 3d life-form, which is then expelled because of its negative pattern, for the purpose of sustaining another entity.

Method 1 (seeding) - Societal constructs which build upon emotional and cognitive dissonance (e.g. going to war to attain peace, usury, forced servitude, bigotry or killing a killer)

Method 2 (growing) - Subconscious person to person energy transfer (e.g. drawing positive energy from another or displacing negativity onto them, without their consent, through emotional manipulation).

Method 3 (harvesting) - Causing a large release of negative energy from one person or smaller releases from a large group (e.g. war, poverty, illness, hunger or suppressed spiritual development).

Resolution 1 - Boiling the water (e.g. distilling from what is, only that which is necessary for mutual needs).

Resolution 2 - Filter and ground (e.g. identifying incoming negative energy and grounding it to a 2d environment - downwards to be recycled, rather than in or upwards to be manifested).

Resolution 3 - Sour the milk (e.g. turning loathing into loving, acknowledging the negative energy, thanking its source for your development and releasing only this outcome - gratitude).

Core system principal - Karma (de-restricted on a personal level)

***End of part 1***

I love making real coffee... none of that instant crap for me :)

Evil doesn't give a shit... if you do... then you're not!

Thank everyone, the good will love your for it and the bad, well it just pisses them off.

Before I was a 'Universal Technician & Communications Relay'
Yesterday I was a 'Maintenance Engineer'
Today I'm 'Network Security'... apparently!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10610614


Can't thank you enough for your incredibly valuable/incite reports and communique's. It's a breath of muchly needed fresh air!

On this end, I can report that I've been able to use all three of the resolution methods with varying degrees of success depending a great deal on my 3d state of awareness(have I had my coffee yet,? etc), the amount of energy thrown at me and various other 3d complications.

For me, at this time, resolution #2 appears to be particularly effective as it allows me to engage in "grounding" the energy as I have mentioned in a previous post.

I'm very much looking foward to more briefings, particularly due to the short timeline remaining before full activation. In particular, I'm interested in my "role" and whether or not I'm meeting my agreed upon requirements.

I do understand that a great many of us are here to serve as simply displacing / replacing / grounding negative energy, and if that's my role I'm happy to oblige. That said, if I'm missing the boat and you have greater insight or deeper communication and contacts, please advise.

And to those needing it (whether you know it or not), I'm sending a big LOVE BOMB right now. Feel it, breathe it, know it!

Dude out.
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