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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AD, you're very welcome and I'm pleased that you find something of value in what I write, which is all I can really hope for. Although it sounds like you've got a good working understanding already.

Everyone's got a piece of the puzzle, because we are that piece. Hence the overriding premise that there is strength in the whole and that bias based ignorance is just not a workable option. Agree or disagree, both are valid, but always be open to another's point of view.

As for what the plans are, who will go where, how, when, etc. this is partly constructed in terms of the mechanisms by which they work, but is dependant upon the individual soul and is probably easier described as:

'You will go where you choose to go.'

Although don't mistake this for a holiday brochure, as the decision you make at that time, will be with a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the whole, resulting in the next destination being the one you are most suited to. Which incidentally is also how we got here in the first place. Reincarnation has been the dominant method for this, but by no means the only one.

When it comes to the time-line for 'full activation' or rather, understanding your part as the one that is all. This again is entirely down to the individual soul and therefore you can't 'miss the boat'. So it is unlikely to happen in one fell swoop for everyone at the same time. However it is possible that there will be specific incidences, which either by design, conspiracy or necessity, will add momentum to this process on a global scale (the inevitable outcome of discord is harmony).

What is for you, will not pass you by; but will wait until you are ready.

Roles... now these are again, up to you. You'll notice that I've been changing my signature each day to give an indication to you (and me) which 'hat' I'm wearing at any given time. While the possibilities as to what your role is, are endless; the necessities of those around you (and yourself) will help to dictate which is the most probable. Its important to note, that you can be many roles simultaneously and in fact, I find that this concept of unified multiplicity, helps me to understand. But they do and should change, nothing is static and you have free will to choose and grow.

Moving on... Now while it is true that we can't 'make it all better' if someone doesn't want us to (because of their free will). We do have a duty to be an example for them to follow, should they wish to do so, now or in the future. This is our mission and abdicating this responsibility will degrade us personally, so in that respect it is both selfish and a desirable necessity for everyone concerned.

Finally, don't forget that we are 3d humans living on earth and while the aim is to progress, we are here for a reason and there are inherent difficulties in describing a 4d reality (or above) in a 3d context. However it is through this exploration, that we both learn to encompass and manifest those higher aspects which are already a part of our omni-dimensional selves.

Before I was a 'Universal Technician & Communications Relay'
Yesterday I was a 'Maintenance Engineer'
Today I'm 'Network Security'... apparently!

p.s. I got the love bomb and its incoming trajectory was from above, so I'm confident you're in a decent place right now :)
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