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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi there, I have been following this thread now since it started and wanted to thank the OP and everyone else who has shed some insight! 5 stars for you!

I very much appreciate the link to the www.ascension2012.in/ website! I stayed up last night to read the whole thing! I was actually in amazement as to the knowledge I found there because it had talked about the chakras in detail and how to balance them in such simple detail.

I had the begininnng of my "awakening" begin back in 2004 when I thought I was all "alone". I had discovered thru streching and breathing how to balance my body and heal it, while also making it stronger, expanding my energy aura all on my own. At the time I had no clue what It was called that I was doing, or even how to explain it to others even though I felt it was a "huge discovery"!

Over the years of course I have come to find out name of "chakra balancing", and most places I have read about it have been confusing and have had a hard time understanding what they were explaning even though "I had got it"! The ascension site explains it perfectly! :) There is also alot of other GREAT information there too!

In 2004 I also had a N.D.E. (Near death experience) while flat lining from a heart attack at the age of 25. During this I had also never heard of an N.D.E. and was rather lost as to what happened and went through the whole "Am I going crazy?" thing for the first time of many! I crossed over and experienced what others have, then was givin the option to stay in the "most amazing place ever" (because I had compleated my lessons), or I could come back to the earth plane and continue learnng. At the time I chose to obvously come back even though this descision was very hard since I remember feeling extremley content where I was. I was asked if I was happy with the way I lived my life and the descisons I made. There was NO OTHER JUDGE except myself!

Anyhow after all this I had NO FEAR OF DEATH and felt I had been givin a blessful glimpe into "what" and "who" I really was! I had compleatley changed for the better since the experience was so profound! I started reading and researching thngs that were never an interest to me before and had a greater appreciation for life!

Like many of you here I have endured much criticisim for my opinons as to "the way things work" that have been validated through what I saw during my N.D.E. I understand also that untill one can experience something on their own, it is a hard concept to grasp! I do think I came back to help people to awaken and to consule the people I knew who were. Over the years some of the ones that judged have came back desperatly asking questions about the "new changes" they were experiencing while starting to "Awaken" themselves! :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share! I love this thread and thank you again! I am very interested in what the poster from the UK has been talking about although I am still tryng to understand what it is and the terminolgy used! Is there any reference I can read that relates to your info? It is VERY Intreging to say the least! :) Lots of Love to you all! Peace

P.S. Sorry for the long post!
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