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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi there, I have been following this thread now since it started and wanted to thank the OP and everyone else who has shed some insight! 5 stars for you!

I very much appreciate the link to the www.ascension2012.in/ website! I stayed up last night to read the whole thing! I was actually in amazement as to the knowledge I found there because it had talked about the chakras in detail and how to balance them in such simple detail.

I had the begininnng of my "awakening" begin back in 2004 when I thought I was all "alone". I had discovered thru streching and breathing how to balance my body and heal it, while also making it stronger, expanding my energy aura all on my own. At the time I had no clue what It was called that I was doing, or even how to explain it to others even though I felt it was a "huge discovery"!

Over the years of course I have come to find out name of "chakra balancing", and most places I have read about it have been confusing and have had a hard time understanding what they were explaning even though "I had got it"! The ascension site explains it perfectly! :) There is also alot of other GREAT information there too!

In 2004 I also had a N.D.E. (Near death experience) while flat lining from a heart attack at the age of 25. During this I had also never heard of an N.D.E. and was rather lost as to what happened and went through the whole "Am I going crazy?" thing for the first time of many! I crossed over and experienced what others have, then was givin the option to stay in the "most amazing place ever" (because I had compleated my lessons), or I could come back to the earth plane and continue learnng. At the time I chose to obvously come back even though this descision was very hard since I remember feeling extremley content where I was. I was asked if I was happy with the way I lived my life and the descisons I made. There was NO OTHER JUDGE except myself!

Anyhow after all this I had NO FEAR OF DEATH and felt I had been givin a blessful glimpe into "what" and "who" I really was! I had compleatley changed for the better since the experience was so profound! I started reading and researching thngs that were never an interest to me before and had a greater appreciation for life!

Like many of you here I have endured much criticisim for my opinons as to "the way things work" that have been validated through what I saw during my N.D.E. I understand also that untill one can experience something on their own, it is a hard concept to grasp! I do think I came back to help people to awaken and to consule the people I knew who were. Over the years some of the ones that judged have came back desperatly asking questions about the "new changes" they were experiencing while starting to "Awaken" themselves! :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share! I love this thread and thank you again! I am very interested in what the poster from the UK has been talking about although I am still tryng to understand what it is and the terminolgy used! Is there any reference I can read that relates to your info? It is VERY Intreging to say the least! :) Lots of Love to you all! Peace

P.S. Sorry for the long post!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25066813

Thank for sharing your story. cool2

If you don't mind me asking, what was your understanding of the 'lessons' that you sought out to complete in this lifetime that you had accomplished by the age of 24 (at the time of your N.DE.)? I understand that your answer will be unique to your lifetime regarding what you have experienced.

The reason I ask is because I am struggling with this resonating feeling within that I have completed what I set out to learn/experience/accomplish in this lifetime. There were major obstacles in my path that I carried with me for much of my life and to finally be at a point where I have learned to transcend these 'challenges', it feels like the weight is off my shoulders and that I completed what I set out to do. Of course there are always experiences to be had and the soul is constantly learning and evolving, but for the purposes of this individual lifetime, it feels like there's some closure. I am 30. My biggest challenge in my life right now and for the foreseeable future will be trying to cope with living in a world that is not a reflection of how I feel inside. I do extend my support to individuals around me when the opportunities present themselves, and try to spread awareness - however I'd be lying if I said I was excited about living another 40+ years in this manner in which our society has been operating. I don't feel like the rest of my lifetime was destined to be an involuntary participant in this 'system' and spend my remaining years devoting the majority of my conscious energy working and contributing towards a 'system' that I do not endorse and that I believe brings people down. I'd rather be devoting that conscious energy towards helping others because I can find real joy in doing so, but the need to earn $$$ to 'pay to live' is often in conflict with such an endeavor.

Wow, struck a chord. The notion of completion has been a big one for me. I do think the question of struggling with feelings probably revolves around the mixture of your wisdom and age ... and I say that because I'm 32 myself, and I also resonate, after having come out the other side of many things, and after having forged my soul longer than I thought was possible inside a human body.

Like the poster you responded to, I had an N.D.E. at 21, and was given an option to come back ... I was told in very similar terms that I had already completed my 'mission', which was in essence, to graduate, and was at first confounded by its simplicity. I remember laughing over it. Symbolically, it was just like a graduating class in school. Very archetypal of what I saw and felt, but it was no surprise of course, considering most people our age are familiar with that rite of passage. However, the feeling of graduation had been extended to the whole of humanity.

So after it happened, there was this sense of freedom in knowing I could just simply spend as much time here in this body being a force for good, while time continues to tick along ... and although everything and everyone around me in my vicinity is increasingly anti-everything that I am, and have yet to grasp the finer essence of things (at least from a perspective which I can effectively communicate) ... because I am who I am, I have been able to keep my head above water ... even when I get the 'he has no clue what he's talking about' remarks. The connections I now find the most relief in are animals, children, and senior citizens (speaking of wisdom again:) They all LOVE me. lol
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