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Message Subject ATTN: To EVERYONE feeling WEIRD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm definitely still here... just dropped off the internet for the day to help the kids with some moving and spend time with the family. Any chance I get to spend with the kids is vitally important to me, so I tend to focus (not always successfully) my attention on them. At the very least, having them in view raises my love and energy levels.

I also feel (on some level) that I could in fact hijack my own thread and make it all about "me" which I certainly don't want to do. Those that have heard the calling to report to duty certainly have many more insights to give. Put another way, I am learning a great deal just reading the communications coming through this "channel" and in short, it blows my mind (which is a very good thing). When I feel I'm starting to try and save someone, I need to back off. We have been warned about these things ;-).

To answer your question about the creator/higher self subjecting to this pain and madness, I'll submit the following, which I fully hope is responded to by many others. This is just my limited (very) 3D understanding at this point. Here goes...

The Source is EVERYTHING. All is One and One is All. That's a heavy statement in and of itself. However, when put into that context, it means that light AND dark are of and by the Source of All that Is.

Many souls, regardless of their density, seek to understand the Source in all of its glory. This means both light AND the dark. I suspect that in higher realms of vibration (5D and up) it is very much made up of the "light" side of equation making it difficult, if not impossible to resonate with negative energy (the dark). If that is indeed the case, it would make it very difficult to "understand" the dark perspective. Surely one could empathize, sympathize, and try to understand, but in truth, one only "thinks" they understand until they actually walk in "those" shoes.

Gaia (and possibly other worlds) have co-created (with you and I) an environment that allows for just this type of experience. By incarnating here on Gaia, we've been given a most unique opportunity to actually experience the full magnitude and glory of All that IS. One can be "evil" and inflict misery on others, while another can play the "victim" role. Still others can play the martyr, the saint, and the hero. In summary, we, in concert with Gaia are actors role-playing on a 3d stage, playing as many parts as we can until the curtain is lowered. Each new role we play is a facet of each incarnation.

Think Service to Self (STS), Service to others (STO), and Unity consciousness played out over and over again.

I suspect that this knowledge shouldn't be a revelation to us, but over the millenia, it most certainly has been hidden from us (intentionaly or otherwise) and we're now at a highly dysfunctional state with complete and total amnesia. Perhaps this was the plan, perhaps not. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Regardless, looks like our co-created experiment has run its course and we're ALL (including Gaia) about ready to 'get off the ride". It's time for all of us to finish up our little experiments (in this final 3d lifetime) and rejoin the universe.

Those that don't want to get off the ride might be in for a rude awakening. I've heard various reports on the solution to this problem but am not in the planning loop. Perhaps someone who is, might be so kind as to fill in the blanks for us?


Dude out.
 Quoting: AwakenedDude

Hello AD :)

May I say that I resonate with all that you've said in this post; it is my truth as well :)

We are here, in this 3rd density physical reality, as unique aspects of the All That Is, by choice - to experience all that this particular construct has to offer. At this frequency rate, it is the idea of separation, polarity, duality (good vs. bad) that we have chosen to experience, for as you say, at higher frequencies, spirit does not vibrate with negative energies and therefore, the only way it could experience the idea of negativity would be to project aspects of itself into lower vibratory frequencies. And the only way a spirit could authentically experience that would be if it imposes 'amnesia' upon itself, for if we 'remembered' who and what we truly are, the experience itself would not be authentic. We can only truly know a thing by experiencing that thing.

We are indeed role-playing - all the themes of polarity, duality and separation that have been acted out on this plane for the last few thousand years... actors in a play, for the particular set of experiences that play has to offer, but, we are not the play, or the themes!

It's our time to recognize the idea of 'good-guy' vs 'bad-guy' is a construct of polarity so that we could experience polarity. Light and Dark is opposite poles of the same thing... they simply vary in degrees. This 3rd density physical reality was an arena for us to experience this polarity. Everyone had a role a play, and everyone played it perfectly.

Now, as a collective consciousness, we choose to raise our vibrational frequencies, we do so empowered.... we choose light because we KNOW thru experience that we do not prefer dark. We know that dark is always an option because it is part of Creation and all of Creation is valid; but, we prefer to choose light. Creators of Light consistently and without hesitation, prefer AND choose light.

I believe this date of December 21, 2012 is indeed a powerful time for us. I believe it is a time wave we set in motion where before this date, we remain on the negative side of the scale; but after that date, we, as a collective, move to the positive side of the scale, and since positive expands (whereas negative constricts), we will move into positive even faster by definition.

I envision a rubber band.... the farther you pull that rubber band back between your fingers (into the darkness - where we've been), the tighter you pull it, when you finally let it go, the farther it flies into the opposite direction (into the light). I believe Dec 21 is a pivotal date in that action :)

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