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Message Subject Syria & Turkey Exchange Shells For 3rd Day!!! Turkey Sends Navy Reinforcements To Mediterranean... Prepare For War If You Want Peace -Turkish PM
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
or let me put it just like that
To anyone who does not know Turkish and interested in genuine news about the recent incidents between Turkey and Syria! BBC and CNN international service blatantly lies about the local public opinion regarding the incident of firing occurred in Akcakale district of S.Urfa, Turkey. BBC reported that the townspeople gathered around the government building in order to express their anger against Syri
a (!). Then CNN repeats the same thing, at least noting this time that it was what the Major Ayhan told. But just like everybody in Turkey, these journalists knows very well that local people from the Turkish side of the border has been demonstrating on several occasions against the sudden sprouting of, in their formerly idyll cities, the foreign legions/armed groups who work to provocate a war within and against Syria. They have very vocally been expressing their anxiety and anger against the government's relentlessly attempt to drive the country into a war with people of Syria; the very people who are the relatives of the local people on the Turkish side. The very country which the economy of the cities on Turkish part has always depended on the trade with. SO, WHAT BBC AND CNN DOES IS TO MANIPULATE THE FACTS AND TO DECEIVE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE OF TURKEY SUPPORT THE WAR. IT IS A SHAMELESS LIE and LEND SUPPORT TO ALL CRITIQUES RAISED SO FAR THAT THESE NEWS AGENCIES ENGAGE IN AN EFFORT TO FABRICATE 'SIDES', "OPINIONS", AND "TRUTHS" ON THE ISSUE OF "ARAB SPRING". JUST LIKE WHAT THEY'VE KEPT DOING IN THEIR WORLD REPORTS UNTIL TODAY!
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