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Anonymous Coward
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10/05/2012 10:15 AM
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The Light

"You are the light of the world."1

My last sermon was about the salt - the first divine element in life, but today I shall speak about the second element - the Light. I shall try to put Christ’s words in contemporary language as it is spoken in the 20th century. What does Christ mean by the word "light"? Every word has its own sense. Only when it produces a certain effect on the mind or heart of a person can it be understood. For instance, if you hold a match, you can understand its effect only when you light it; otherwise it would make no sense. Therefore, the words in a spoken language are matches; however, each one must have a box on which it can be lit it at just the right time, in order for the word to produce its effect. We should not be like the little children who only take matches out of the box, light them and throw them away. This is no philosophy.

There are many writers today who are constantly taking matches out, lighting them and throwing them away. I ask you what effect may their matches thus lit produce? You yourselves must decide what the effect of such lighting would be. In the future, the words should be salted in order to contain Light in themselves. You still have a vague idea about Light. The words "illumination" and "light" have the same root, but illumination is a reflection of light. Light is a compound of that divine element related to the human mind which allows for sound reasoning using logic, content and sense in our thought. In modern physics the scientists are disputing whether the illumination comes from the sun, or it is something different. There are scientists who object to the idea that illumination comes from the sun. They maintain that it is a special kind of energy that, in reaching the earth’s surface, clashes with it and gives the reflection of illumination.

More at link

[link to powerandlife.com]

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Being Mindful

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10/05/2012 10:43 AM

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Yeshua/Christ Jesus/Esu Sananda/Christ Michael Aton/CM/ATON was Jesus Christ oversoul as he walked the earth,set up the Kingdom of Heaven within. To get to Father/Mother God is through your own Heart Portal, we have been gifted the HOly Spirit/HigherSelf as our guide.

[link to www.machiventamelchizedek.org]

Thread: Starships above my home

Love yourself, and your world will heal around you like the waves in the ocean. When One unites with the Holy Spirit/Higher Self, it becomes your mate, you are in love with the Divine within, then comes the relationship for he is the direct line to Father Source so you experience that connection, so then it becomes your rule of measure as to who knows the Father, The kingdom is within...
The Path to the New World is guilt, shame, and regret free.

Dear Father Mother God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what I can (Me) and the wisdom to know the difference. I AM getting better everyday. Truly.......

God's dream is our Destiny...Light and Life. We can do it.
Spirituality + Technology= Balance into Light and Life.

A personal decree " That I will be harmless to myself and others"