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Message Subject LAPD Officers Brutaly Beat College Student On Camera
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everyday in this country Police beat the SHIT out of kids, women and who ever they can.
Every once and a while we get one on camera and then owe my god what a big deal ?

The cops where I'm at will crumb snatch you over any little thing.
Even if you don't have a record, your never gave a warning or ticked, People get beat for being members of the community.

But the moment a crime goes unsolved, they ask for the peoples help to bring the person to justice.

The POLICE have become so distant from the citizens, they will never be trusted !

How many times you see a police car even doing their paper work in front of a school ? Never !

But they sit at the bottom of hills trying to ticket gravity ! Fuck off !

( Remember During Hurricane Katrina The Cops Got Busted For Shooting People asking for help or stuck on bridges ! )
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