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Message Subject LAPD Officers Brutaly Beat College Student On Camera
Poster Handle Billy_Sastard
Post Content
Everyday in this country Police beat the SHIT out of kids, women and who ever they can.
Every once and a while we get one on camera and then owe my god what a big deal ?

The cops where I'm at will crumb snatch you over any little thing.
Even if you don't have a record, your never gave a warning or ticked, People get beat for being members of the community.

But the moment a crime goes unsolved, they ask for the peoples help to bring the person to justice.

The POLICE have become so distant from the citizens, they will never be trusted !

How many times you see a police car even doing their paper work in front of a school ? Never !

But they sit at the bottom of hills trying to ticket gravity ! Fuck off !

( Remember During Hurricane Katrina The Cops Got Busted For Shooting People asking for help or stuck on bridges ! )
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