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Message Subject Jesse Jackson, Wright 'arranged' Obama marriage
Poster Handle DawaSatso
Post Content
A lot of guys into the down low are also really libtarded, as Obama is. Something about being a leftie and a greater willingness to engage in non-conforming or freaky activity are like bees and honey.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24552277

Oh, c'mon. By the same token there is quite a list of rethugs into and caught buggering children in particular. Then there's all those 'preachers' sobbing b/c they were caught with their peckers in a knothole.

So what. Politicians generally creep me out. They are unnatural creatures that give me shuddering chills.

Still I think you guys are taking things a bit far re O's girls where I can readily see a resemblance with both parents. Michelle clearly is a devoted mother but O seems detached and has a priggish interpretation of what a father's role is, which he passes down condescendingly to the public which I find enraging.
I doubt he has the passion required for actual social justice..the dude's not got spark for that.
You just know.
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